Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Matai Islands, 6 Survival Items

If I went to the Matai Islands the 6 survival items I would take would probably be:

1.) A breeding pair of Cows
2.) A breeding pair of Sheep
3.) First Aid Kit
4.) Boat Fuel
5.) Rope
6.) Vegetable seeds

Matai Islands, Jobs

On the Matai Islands each student would want and need a job so no one can get bored. Here are the jobs: Architect, Builder, Farmer, Hunter, Butcher, Miner, Housekeeper, Guard, Mayor, Gardener, Engineer, Policeman/woman, Politician and Doctor. If I could choose any job I would choose to be a Policeman/woman.

Matai Islands

In class we are studying imaginary islands we called Matai Islands after our school syndicate Matai. As a class and as individuals we have to think and design how we would live on the islands and what responsibilities we would take care of. We would also make eco-homes and have livestock.


Hi, this blog is a workspace for this term's topic, sustainability. During the term we will be studying our Matai Islands project. The island that our class chose to work with has uranium and limestone. But more about that on another post.