Friday, July 10, 2009

Sustainability Argument

In this post I will tell you why it is good to be sustainable and I shall try to convince you to be sustainable.

Sustainability is important to the world so, why does hardly anyone care? Because they probably think 'The government can fix it. It isn't my responsibility.' But it is your responsibility, it's every one's. Sustainability or environmental sustainability means living in harmony with the universe not take all you want and leave nothing to reproduce.

First we'll think about all the wildlife dying out because of new cities. With wildlife becoming extinct we are missing out on pollination and meat or dairy products because of it. We have to start saving wildlife somewhere and it needs to start here! Every little bit makes a big difference and so you as an individual needs to pitch in to save the wildlife. To try stop this problem we need to make sure they have balanced numbers, healthy bodies and a variety of different species so that we always have a fair amount of species.

Another problem the earth's inhabitants have is not about resources, neither is it about wildlife but about how polluted the earth is. What's happening is the polar ice caps are melting so the sea levels are rising. The air is becoming polluted from smoke and fossil fuels being burnt. The waterways are getting contaminated, not so much now but imagine a polluted future. We are also using up fertile land that could be used to help the kids in Africa but instead we open landfills and when the landfills are fill they get buried but they still emit dangerous, contaminated gases.

The earth is running out of resources and it is all our fault. We are running out of oils which can prevent the use of cars in about 10-15 years. Another thing we might run out of is house materials because if you use wood, especially pine, it has to be treated which is an eco destroying thing. Our waterways are also getting contaminated and no water means no you and me. Humans can only survive for 2 days without water and so imagine no water, what would happen to us? We need water. We need oil. We need building materials. We need this earth but at the rate we're going, we might not have a planet to help us.

In conclusion, we need this planet to survive but we just chuck it away. In my opinion, we don't deserve a wonderful planet to live on because we are destroying it and not being responsible enough to deserve it. The wildlife is dying and we are the only ones to help. The earth is becoming polluted and future generations will have nothing to live on. We also need to either stop using up resources or make more renewable resources. Come on everyone, please do your bit for the world. We need to preserve the earth not destroy it.