Monday, May 25, 2009

Survival Tips

When you go into the wilderness make sure you know about survival. If you don't I will tell you in this post. If you want to survive, you need to know about hunger, shelter and thirst.


When you go to the wilderness, make sure you have a way to drink as dehydration is a road block. Dehydration is when you don't have enough liquid to keep you going and you can only survive for 2 days without any liquid. So it is extremely important to drink.


Hunger is dangerous but seldom deadly. It may reduce your ability to think logically and increase your susceptibility to the effects of cold, pain and fear.


A small shelter which is insulated from the bottom, protected from wind and snow and contains a fire is extremely important in wilderness survival. Before building your shelter be sure that the surrounding area provides the materials needed to build a good fire, a good water source and shelter from the wind.


Building a fire is the most important task when dealing with survival in the wilderness. Be sure to build yours in a sandy or rocky area or near a supply of sand and water as to avoid forest fires. The most common mistakes made by those attempting to build a fire are: choosing poor tinder, failing to shield precious matches from the wind and smothering the flames with too large pieces of fuel. The four most important factors when starting a fire are spark - tinder - fuel - oxygen.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Economics - Supply and Demand

In class (as you might know already) we are studying sustainability and part of sustainability is economics and for economics we are studying supply and demand. We have looked at a few graph like the one above and on each graph there is and equilibrium point which is where the price and quantity meet. The price goes up when there is a high demand and low quantity (example: "There are shoes on the market but we can't afford them."). But the producer will lower the price if there is a high demand and a high quantity and then the consumer is more likely to buy (example: "Here are some shoes and we can afford them. Lets by them.") .

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You might find more about the relationship between supply and demand.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Matai Islands, Eco House

An Eco House design
For the Matai Islands everyone needs to have an Eco house to live in. Everyone will design their own Eco house and build it themselves. No one can live without shelter, food and drink. So we are to design houses to live in during the time we spend at the Matai Islands. In our Eco house we need to use only environmentally friendly materials.

Matai Islands, Update

On the Matai Islands, everyone needs a job and I have changed from Policeman/woman, to a cart/wagon/carriage driver. I think that my job will work well because horses could be used for human transport, but oxen can be used for goods transport from the harbour/dock to its destinations. I will do this job with a helpful friend who also knows about horses. Other island companies that will be used will be things like cart, wagon and carriage designing, trading, eco-architecture and other jobs/companies that could or would help with having a sustainable island.